3 Different ways for your customers to book online


    Embeded Booking Calendar

    This version is similar to hotel booking systems. It shows you the Calendar and allows you to book on your webpage.


    Embed in another site

    This is the link you could have included in the local tourist information webpage.

Powerful owner control for all your online and offline bookings


    Owners Overview

    This "dashboard" shows you everything you need to know.


    Bookings Overview

    All the orders for a day are shown on a page with the name, email address and phone number of the people attending


    Detailed Booking

    On the detailed booking you can see everything tht has happened with that booking.

Online Charter Booking and Ticket Management System

This solution allows your customers to book tickets online in real time. It also gives you, the business owner, powerful tools to manage both your online and offline bookings. Have a look at the sample business which is exactly what you and your customers will get.

This solution is perfect for businesses which sell tickets/seats/access such as Fishing Charter Businesses, Dive Businesses, Yacht Hire, Rental Businesess etc.


    Customer Experience

  • The basic calendar can be embedded in your site or any webpage.
  • The sliding calendar sits on top of your webpage and is activated by a link.
  • A full webpage is created by default and can be used and promoted.
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    Business Owner

  • Powerful dashboard gives you the complete overview and changes are easy to make.
  • Tickets can be manually entered or sold online.
  • Reports are created showing your results.
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  • The fee to use the solution is $2 per ticket or 2% for tickets sold online. Manually entered tickets cost $0.50.
  • It is web based so there is no installation.
  • It works on any web browser to be fully mobile.
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