About Us

Whilst this site is not that old we have been building booking solutions for different businesses and customers since 2008. Before getting into online solutions Matthew was a Chartered Accountant dealing with small businesses and has been involved with Accounting Software development since 1992.

This is now primarily a family business with additional help from different consultants and resources especially in the software development area and the sales side of the business. There are currently 5 permanent staff with 6 consultants - we are growing our capacity with consultants.

The idea of making this system came from an extension to what was created for a specific client in a slightly different industry. It was one of our friends who travelled around the country and the world who would look to see what sports activities were available in the small towns he visited and discovered that it was often impossible at short notice to go out fishing/diving/sailing. The businesses offering the services either had a poor webpage with outdated systems or did not answer the phone.

Having an online booking system allows your website and your sales agents to be able to sell 24/7 allowing you to sleep or be out of mobile phone range.

If you would like more information then please feel free to contact us and we will happily tell you the entire 20 year story.