Owners Demo - This is how easy it is


Just click the picture here and go to the demo account where you can play around as the owner. Contact us if you want a demo version just for yourself to play with.

Customer Demo - 3 Different Ways for the customer to book

Your customers have 3 different ways they can book. You as the business owner can decide which methods to use. Most businesses use all 3 in different combinations which are explained below.


Option 1 - Sliding Calendar

The lowest impact on your webpage is just to have a "Live Bookings" link. This "Live Bookings" link opens a screen that slides down from the top of your website without impacting the design and layout. Once the booking is complete it slides away again.

Click on the link below and see what happens. This link can be anywhere on your site and it can be text or a picture. It is upto you. It i s just a link and can be added to almost any webpage without having to pay a fortune for development.

^^^^click the calendar picture or click "Book Now" below

Book Now<---- Clicking here you will see what happens when you have a link like this on your site.