Main Customer and Owner Features

This solution allows your customers to book tickets online in real time. It also gives you, the business owner, powerful tools to manage both your online and offline bookings and will allow the production of timely reports.

  Your customers get an easy way to book tickets in real time. There are 3 different methods for you to choose depending on how your business works.

  You can now convert your website visitors to sales without them having to call.

  You save a lot of management time with bookings as you have a simple easy overview for all your online and offline bookings.

  Customers who have only paid a deposit can be all automatically reminded to pay their balances.

  Customers who have lost their tickets or directions can automatically retrieve all the details without having to call.

  There are many more features and benefits...just read on.

3 Different Ways to book

Your customers have 3 different ways they can book. You as the business owner can decide which methods to use. Most businesses use all 3 in different combinations which are explained below.


Option 1 - Sliding Calendar

This has the lowest impact on your webpage and that is just to have a "Live Bookings" link. This "Live Bookings" link opens a screen that slides down from the top of your website without impacting the design and layout. Once the booking is complete it slides away again.


Option 2 - Embeded Booking Calendar

This version is similar to hotel booking systems. It shows you the Calendar and allows you to book on your webpage. This is popular for people who want to show that they have live bookings and often put it at the top of the webpage where people can see it first. This does however need your site to be slightly "modified" to allow space for the new booking area.


Option 3 - Detailed Listing for other webpages

This is the link you could have included in the local tourist information webpage. It gives more information about your offerings and a booking calendar. It can also have Option 1 embeded as well. The local tourist information webpage can also be given a booking fee for all bookings that come from their site. You can also have any other webpage promote your business by allowing bookings and you are able to give them a booking fee for the bookings form their website.


Customers Calendar

Your customers have a simple, clear and easy way to see whats available regardless of which booking method you have chosen. They also have a logical and fast way of purchasing tickets and paying.

Customers can see if their preferred date has a trip planned. They can also see on each date if the trip is guaranteed to happen or if the minimum tickets have not yet been sold.

They get this simple overview from the colour coding on the calendar. This way they can choose which day suits them best.


Owners Dashboard

The "dashboard" or the main starting screen is extremely powerful and shows you the very quickly the follwoing information - Sales for the day, month, year. Receipts for the day, month and year. The status of your bookings in that date range you select. The availability you have for the selected date range. Finally it shows you a list of all the recent orders. This saves you time when talking to your customers on the phone about which days are available and how many tickets can be sold.

By clicking on one of the days you can see all the orders for that day with the name, email and phone number of the person who made the booking and how much they owe.

This is your starting point and the page you will look at the most. so it has been designed to be very simple, not crowded and low bandwidth so you can spend all day on it without running up a huge internet bill. It also works very well on mobile phones and tablets so you can have the same overiew while on the move.


Bookings Overview

All the orders for a day are shown on a page with the name, email address and phone number of the people attending. From this screen you can contact each person either as a group or individually.

When contacting them there are 2 choices - a predefined template to remind them to pay their balance or a free form template that allows you to remind them to bring a hat or lunch. Each of the emails are customized to include their own name.

From this page you can also see if they have paid the full amount and see whats outstanding. This list can be printed and dowloaded as a manifest for the day.


Detailed Booking

On the detailed booking you can see everything tht has happened with that booking. You get the overview of their name, email address and telephone number. You can see how many adults and children are coming and what price they paid for their tickets. The status of the booking is also shown here - have they paid the full balance? At the top you have the choice of printing the ticket if it was a manual one that needs to be handed over to a customer in your office or you can email the ticket to them if they have lost it. Finally on this page you can manually enter payments if they have paid over the phone or in person and all those payments, including any deposit paid online are all shown here with their receipt details.


Account Setup

It is free and easy to create an account. We even have a free account setup procedure if you want us to setup the basic information from your webpage - saving you time!! Otherwise once you have got your login there is a wizard that walks you though all the important information that needs to be added. Depending on how much detail you want to put in at the very start your account can be up and going within 10 minutes. Obviously if you want to add more details and make it presetable with pictures, text and videos it will take longer but they can be added later. If you are only thinking of using the online ticket sales on your own webpage and not on the local tourist information webpage then you dont need to add all the details because they are already on your site - so you only need to focus on getting the tickets setup. By adding all the details and almost replicating the main content from your site to this solution you can then promote this content onto other 3rd party directories where the vital details are needed. Increasing the exposure of your business will obviously help sales and thats what this solution offers. We have partnered with a few different webpages that promote businesses like yours and get a small booking fee.

Just let us know if you want us to promote your business to other directories and tourist information sites.


Ticket Creation

Setting up the tickets was one of the biggest complaints we had before we started this solution. Most of the time businesses might only have 2 or 3 different tickets that are just repeated every day. There might be a Morning Ticket and Afternoon Ticket and an Evening Ticket that are all basically the same. You have the same amount of tickets that are sold in each of these time slots and the only difference is the day. With this in mind we have made a solution that allows you to create the 3 basic tickets in this example and then just copy and paste them to the different days of the week and for a defined time range. So between now and next year the Morning Ticket is only sold on Saturday. This is just a 3 step process. Tick the ticket you want to copy ("Morning Ticket"), click the day of the week it should be on (Saturday) and then click the end date. If it should be on every day then tick everyday of the week. If you accidently created a ticket using this method on Christmas Day and there should be no tickets that day then just delete the ticket on that day. Simple... try it in the demo.


Customers Ticket

Once ticket has been booked online and the despoit paid an automatic email is sent containing the ticket and its information. Your customer can either print it out or keep it as an email. The electronic version has a link they can click to pay the balance when it is due and an SR Code they can scan if they want to get the booking online.

The ticket contains all the information you set up. It has obviously the date and time along with what they paid and how many are coming. Also on the ticket is your logo as well as the sections explaining what is included and what they need to bring.


Mobile & Tablets

Most businesses are online these days one way or another and most are also on the go! This solution works on almost all modern mobile phones and tablets out there. Basically wherever there is a browser this will work. It has been designed to be very light weight. So there wont be any huge data bills if you use it on your mobile phone and depending on your connection speed it loads extremely quickly, as all the "heavy" graphics and design has been removed.



Its all very well that it is simple to use but what happens if I make a mistake or something goes wrong? We have 2 different methods of support - 1 - Call us on the phone 2 - write an email so you can send screenshots. We are not quite up to having 24/7 phone coverage but we do with email as we know time is money and downtime is lost money.



We are always developing and making the system better. We have our own ideas of what it should do but you are the ones who use it all day everyday so we really want to have your feedback. Please write an email with a screenshot showing what should be changed or give us a call and we can put it on the to do list and let you know when it is done.


Payment Gateways

We are always adding payment gateways but because every bank in the world has its own different method of dealing with merchants we cant say we have it all now but we will add it for you.

By default we have setup PayPal as an interface. They are very cheap for merchants and well known worldwide for customers. Your customers do not need to have a PayPal account and can pay on Visa/Mastercard without creating an account. When they have made their payment you get alerted that there is money on your PayPal account an that can be transfered easily over to you normal Bank Account when you need to.

You as a business do need to have a PayPal account which can be setup very easily with guidance from our team. PayPals fees arebetween 1.1% and 2.4% depending on your sales volume with a small fixed fee of $0.30 per transaction. These fees do depend on which country you are in and which country the customer is paying from but the numbers here are a general guide. It does not cost nything to take the money from your PayPal account to your normal Linked bank Account.

PayPal have made it very cheap and very easy to accept money online so they were the first choice to partner with. If you have any questions then please contact us.


Security & Backup

No credit card information is saved anywhere in this solution.

The only information saved on the servers is the information you put in about your business and its offerings along with the details of the tickets. The database is mirrored to another server and every 15 minutes is is backed up to another location. We have setup this solution to use cloud services so there is no single point of failure whilst having all the benefits of a web based cloud solution.


Wordpress Plugin

Wordpress is a free content managenment system that alot of businesses use these days for creating cheap and powerful webpages. 10 years ago you paid an expensive developer to create a webpage for you. Using Wordpress you can almost create a webpage yourself with little knowledge. This has resulted in alot of businesses popping up made from Wordpress. Alot of these businesses are in the travel and tourism industry where they try and collect booking fees for all transactions through their sites. With the plugin we have create here they can promote your business and sell your tickets via the traffic they get. So this is a great easy way of promoting your business while paying a them a small booking fee.


Other Features

This solution allows your customers to book tickets online in real time. It also gives you, the business owner, powerful tools to manage both your online and offline bookings. Have a play with our sample business.

Read below for more details.



    We have a section where you can get all the reports you need.

  • Income Report - This report shows how much money you have made within a date range.
  • Orders Report - This report shows all the orders you have received within a date range.
  • Outstanding Report - The reports shows how much money has yet to be paid.


    We have made setup as easy and as self explanatory as possible.

  • There is help text on each screen to explain what needs to be added.
  • Data that you are editing slides down from the top of the scren to avoid confusion.
  • Where possible we hav auto refresh setup so that the changes are visible immediately.


  • One section of the setting page is for our use only. It is so we can get in contact with you. The information is not shown on the internet anywhere.
  • Changing addresses/emails/phone numbers is extremely easy. You change it in once place and it goes through the whole webpage.
  • Some settings cannot be changed by you once setup. Like the Currency. You cant mix different currencies but if you made mistake we are here to help.